Car Yoga – Relax your Road rage

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I decided to do a little car yoga because driving to work today I got caught up in a lot of stop go traffic.

I commute an hour each way to work.  And I’ll bet there are a lot of yoga readers out there that do the same.  As each mile passed my tension levels built.  I understand why some people just crack under stress and road rage builds up to extreme levels to where they do something stupid like act out in anger.  Well, we all know what happens to you when you get caught doing that.

So how do you control your road rage? – Car Yoga

There are a thousand different ways, but this is a great time to practice breathing techniques and bust out your yoga skills.  Come to peace with your frustrated self and make your environment a better place for everyone.  When in doubt – Yoga out! (<—Nice :-)   I’ve inserted some video in the bottom of this Awesome Read all about car yoga

Get off your Smart Phone This is not the time to be checking your email on your phone or calling the office.  No texting and telling everyone how pissed you are because you are sitting in traffic.  Just relax and do some yoga.  You’ll be a better person when you do show up to work and you will stay happier through the day.

Car Yoga Breathing

Long slow deep breaths.  Inhale through your mouth and exhale through your nose.  Do this nice and slow.  Remember you are bringing in new fresh oxygen for your brain to use.  This is going to calm your angry mind and relax your tense body!

Neck Pain

When your stopped, NOT while driving (don’t want you to take your eyes off the road)  Start your car yoga and roll your head around.  Slowly!!!  Roll your head and when you find that tight spot, stop and keep your neck position there.  Don’t forget to keep breathing and let that tension clear through your deep breaths.

Back Pain

Put your hands behind your head.  Oh ya don’t do this while driving, make sure you are still in the traffic jam.  Take a deep breath.  When you exhale, bend your body over your thighs or the steering wheel depending on how tall you are.  Do the stretch over again but this time cross your arms over your chest and feel the stretch in your lower back.

Don’t be bothered by people staring at you.  Trust me, they are weird too.  And they probably don’t feel as good as you do when you do a little car yoga.  So I am going to plug my yoga blog now and the name of it is  You can come check it out and learn all kinds of cool stuff about yoga, to include this great car yoga article and many more.  Thanks for reading!

 Update Oct 12 2011: Car Yoga really works

So something not mentioned in the above article is, what if you are the passenger?  Well I was the passenger today and I did some car yoga.  It was raining today, so when a drop of water hits the road everyone forgets how to drive.  We all know that, just so happens it’s never us who forget how to drive.  Anyway…road rage starts to build, I can feel it.  I thought to myself, how about a little car yoga.

Deep slow breaths and bend and hold.  The stress really stopped in its tracks when I started concentrating on breathing.  I didn’t really have any distractions because I wasn’t driving this time (carpool, save the earth!).  So some quick car yoga really dominated my morning and the rest of the day went quite smoothly.

Is Car Yoga for Everyone?

Ummm, yes!  Simple answer!  Get your kids to do it too.  This might make for a much smoother drive on vacation.  Two things need to be really thought about here.  Car yoga will make the actual drive much more tolerable.  Secondly, your attitude or mental health will be much more positive and clear when you arrive at your final destination.

Thanks for reading, BUBBA.  Take a look at one of my newest blogs Yoga from Hell

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